Family resonances and Epigenetics

The prefix «epi» means "over" or "above something", therefore when a pathology is studied in epigenetics, factors that go beyond genetics are taken into account: environment, family, social and cultural surrounding.

According to epigenetics, traumatic experiences that have been passed down from ancestors leave molecular scars that adhere to DNA. We are going to assume that nature is wise and we are going to ask ourselves why is this information kept? What is nature's intention, why is this information saved if it was traumatic?
Behavioral Epigenetics offers us a new perspective within the scientific field that can explain the mechanisms by which we inherit information related to experiences of our parents, highlighting the fundamental role played by the first years of human life.

“If we change our emotional environment, we can rewrite our history.”

Nathalie Zammateo, The impact of emotions on DNA

Genetic as well as epigenetic information seem to have meaning for something. At one time it was completely believed that genetic information somehow condemns us and that we can do absolutely nothing about it. That lasted until the discovery of epigenetics where it is clearly proven, "Genes are not self-emergent and cannot be turned on or off by themselves." (H.Frederick Nijhour, 1990).
So what turns genes on? The answer became clear: the environment. Environmental signals are what control the binding of regulatory proteins to DNA. These proteins are those that regulate the activity of genes and are controlled by signals from the environment. That means we are conditioned, but not condemned. And the way we condition ourselves is through our perceptions and beliefs that we have programmed into our unconscious. it is important to define what we understand by environment. We consider everything that we perceive with our senses as environment. A person can carry genetic predispositions and these are never activated because their way of perceiving that environment, their way of relating to it and their way of feeling involved on an emotional level means that these genes are not activated.

“We are conditioned not condemned”

Bob Proctor