The human being has grown convinced that the origin of all his problems is alien to him and lies outside. Now we are changing, leaving a paradigm that understands consciousness as an element that has no influence on the environment that surrounds it, this would be what we know as dual consciousness, scientific determinism; we are entering to a new paradigm in which consciousness influences, interacts and becomes a fundamental component of the external world. Bioneuroemoción® offers, considering what has been said, resources through which people can stop feeling victims of what happens to them. From perspective of Bioneuroemoción®, the concepts of chance and randomness disappear, placing each event in our life, or person with whom we come across and interact, in a position that only tells us and informs us about our state of consciousness. By putting this into practice, we understand that behind every situation there is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better.

"Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the subconscious will continue to direct your life and you will call it destiny"
Carl Gustav Jung

The Bioneuroemoción® method

Bioneuroemoción® is a new method for emotional well-being. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions influence the quality of your life.


Bioneuroemoción® is an integrative method because it combines various techniques, reconciling them in such a way that it ends up being a highly eclectic method.


Bioneuroemoción® studies the correlation between unconscious emotions triggered by situations that the individual lives as an impact.


We all tend to think that what we believe "is true", without taking into account that reality is subjective and that each of us builds our own map of the world.


Perception is the process by which the mind transforms the sensory input it receives through the senses into a conscious impression of the environment.


Projection is an unconscious mechanism that occurs when a trait or characteristic of our personality is activated that remains unlinked to our consciousness.

Family resonances

According to epigenetics, traumatic experiences that have been passed down from ancestors leave molecular scars that adhere to DNA.

How to develop motivation?

Motivation is an internal state that activates, directs and maintains the behavior of the person towards specific goals or ends.


Bioneuroemoción® is not a therapy. It uses various humanistic techniques to accompany the person in the detection and resolution of their emotional conflicts. Bioneuroemoción® is an integrative and holistic method that is made up of new methodologies that allow the client to work with their programs in order to transform them. The client can, in one visit, become aware of the “WHAT FOR” of their symptom or situation. This methodology does not cure anyone, but accompanies the client to become aware of its unconscious programs. It is the client who has the responsibility to make a change in his or her life. The most important thing is that a change of perception of the facts occures, within which the client is aware of what information is dominating the experience and for what reason. In other words, the person must find a new meaning to his experience and broaden his consciousness through the reinterpretation of the events experienced.

The main objective of our programs is to teach people why they do what they do and how to achieve a qualitative and quantitative change in the results they obtain. These ideas have a completely practical psychic foundation which makes them applicable to any area of human life. Our seminars, applied and understood, improve results, help people to recognize what is the primary cause of them and to follow a previously stipulated process to improve them. Like all programs they have the potential to improve us as an individual and can be used in private life as well as professional life. The workshops are customized in their content and duration to suit the needs of individuals and companies, and can be:

Seminars and mini half-day workshops
One-day seminars and workshops
Weekend seminars and workshops

Group coaching for personal and professional development is a special way of working, in which a small group meets, guided by a professional, to help each other individually. Like individual coaching, group coaching can help most people to:
Improve relationships with other people or find a balance between personal life and work, be more focused, relaxed and motivated. Establish objectives and carry out action plans to achieve them o identify limitations and overcome them. It is designed to help you understand and apply the principles and concepts necessary to create a thriving life. Understanding your mind and how to use it to create what you want, an improved self-image, plus the accountability to make your goals happen. With rigorous application of these principles and coaching, each participant will experience improved results in all areas of their lives.
Working individually (1-to-1) or in groups for companies and organizations of different characteristics, in our trainings we use a specific method.
Participants receive information and experience keys to put them into practice in their professional and personal lives, thus obtaining the results they want.

What does it consist of:

Rapport or attunement allows us to lead the relationship with the client during the consultation in Bioneuroemoción®. During the session, you will be exposed to a series of questions that will be uncomfortable for you, as the intention is for you to step out of your comfort zone and see yourself from a new perspective. During a session, we will be able to appreciate the gestures, expressions, posture, complaints or resistance shown by the person as it becomes a source of information. The objective is to make conscious the information that remains unconscious for the client and that is participating in the manifestation of an emotional imbalance. In some phase of the consultation, it is possible that the client goes through uncomfortable emotional states. They will relive situations that will not be entirely pleasant and are hidden in the unconscious as a form of psychic protection. The objective is to bring them out to light in order to reinterpret them, thus generating the necessary conditions for the change in perception. This change in perception implies freeing oneself from judgments and positioning.


You must have a clearly defined goal, your goal has to be something with which you are emotionally involved, something that you want very much.
You must have a clearly established plan that you can start working on immediately.
You must make the irrevocable decision to reject each and every negative suggestion that comes from your friends, neighbors or relatives.
You must pay zero attention to all the conditions and circumstances that seem to indicate that your goal cannot be achieved.
Create a group of "master mind" of one or more people to support, assist, and encourage you whenever possible and necessary.


When an idea comes to your mind, don't ask yourself, as you usually do, if it is good or bad. According to the Law of Relativity that is simply relative. Ask yourself the following: will this idea lead me down the path that leads to my goal? If the answer is NO , reject that idea because it will definitely lead you in the opposite direction. Remember that nothing stays in one place and that if you don't go forward you are going backwards. You will not stay where you are. If the answer is YES! , it will help me! ... USE IT!!

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP can be considered as the study of subjective human experience. Each and every one of us lives in our own reality, in a reality constructed by our own impressions, perceptions and experiences obtained throughout life.

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General principles of self-image

The human being always acts and feels according
to what he imagines is true about himself and his environment.
― Dr.Maxwell Maltz, Psycho - Cybernetics

What is self-image and how to improve it?

The self-image changes and it is certain and inevitable that whoever changes their self-image will also change their personality, behavior, and circumstances.

Servo Mechanisms (cybernetic mechanism) and Imagination

The word cybernetics comes from a Greek word that literally means “man-pilot.” The servo-mechanisms are mounted in such a way that they automatically set the course towards the path that leads to the goal, the target or the proper response.