Self Image

The self-image changes and it is certain and inevitable that whoever changes their self-image will also change their personality, behavior, and circumstances. Self-image is the key to personality and human behavior. Self-image determines and fixes the boundaries of individual achievement; it defines the individual what he can and cannot do. Expand the self-image and the "zone of the possible" will expand.
Self-image sheds new light on the power of "positive thinking" and - even more importantly - explains why it achieves results in some individuals and not in others. ("Positive thinking" works only when it corresponds to the individual's self-image; it cannot function when it is not in relation to the self-image until it has undergone a total change). Within each of us there is a mental picture in which the concept of "who we are" is imprinted.

“ Self-image is like a "premise", a base or a foundation on which
your complete personality, your behavior and even the circumstances
that concern you are automatically formed.”

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-cybernetics.

Servo Mechanisms and Imagination

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